Mimaki JV400SUV

JV400SUV A Brighter, Faster, Solvent UV Printer

The JV400 SUV series sets new industry standards by combining the flexibility of solvent printing with the durability of UV cured inks, resulting in smooth, glossy prints, which simulate the appearance of being coated yet retaining the colour brightness expected from a solvent printer. These characteristics, coupled with a high resistance to scratching and weathering are designed to satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

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Product Description

  • Solvent UV inks for a smooth, glossy finish with brilliant colour definition
  • High level of resistance to scratching and weathering
  • Fast drying inks for improved productivity
  • 4 colour printing
  • High print durability for outdoor or indoor applications
  • Production quality output at up to 18.1 sqm per hour
  • Choice of two print widths (1371 mm or 1620 mm)
  • Prints exit machine completely dry, ready for immediate post-processing
  • Improved variable dot print technology provides minimum dot size capability of just 4 picolitre


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Advanced ink technology of the JV400SUV Series

Solvent UV ink contains a solvent component and a UV ink component. First, the solvent component attacks the acceptance layer of the media, fixing the pigment; the subsequent UV curing assures very high robustness.

When using Mimaki Solvent UV Inks, fixation and curing is immediate. Therefore, drying times is eliminated. Immediately after printing, secondary processing, such as lamination, can be performed, dramatically increasing efficiency.

High scratch resistance

A robust UV component remains on the media after UV curing, which provides a surprisingly strong scratch resistance (rub-fastness). Moreover, Solvent UV is equal to or better than solvent ink in weatherability and alcohol resistance. In cases such as banner materials, where lamination is difficult and often omitted, considerable durability can be expected.

Never-before-seen glossinessMimaki glossiness

Solvent UV ink contains a solvent component which attacks the acceptance layer of the media, fixing the pigment. It performs UV curing, not when the ink is discharged, but after the pigment is fixed to the media, all while maintaining the vivid color reproduction of solvent ink, resulting in a coating-like smooth glossy print. Signs with solvent UV have a bold and vivid appearance, which definitely catches the eyes of passers-by.

Improved drying & UV curing devices

3 Way Intelligent Heater improves the colour reproduction and fixability of ink by heating the media to the proper temperature before, during and after printing. In combination with the 3 Way Intelligent Heater, the UV curing unit immediately cures the ink to be fixed.

improved drying

Newly developed JV400SUV high-speed print heads

Two newly developed print heads with four rows of 320 nozzles per head are arranged in a single line, enabling high-speed printing with top quality results.

JV400 standard quality print speeds
jv400 quality print

drop sizesVariable drop sizes with a minimum size of 4 pl
The ink drop sizes can be selected to a minimum of 4 pl. Multidrop function provides three different drop sizes at once, producing fascinating, non-grainy and smooth printing results. Mimaki’s proprietary head control technology delivers unrivaled high definition & high resolution prints.

Fail-safe functions for continuous operation

Nozzle Recovery Function
Even when nozzle washing has no effect on troubled nozzle, the print image quality can be recovered temporarily.

* Nozzle Recovery Function is a temporary failure averting function and its recoverability is limited.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS)
Two ink cartridges per colour are set in 4-colour mode. When the ink level of one cartridge is almost empty, the ink supply automatically switched to another cartridge of the same colour, preventing from stopping a print job due to running out of ink.

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