Mimaki CJV30 Series

Mimaki CJV30 Series: Integrated Inkjet Printer / Cutters (Print and Cut)

Mimaki has further expanded its award winning sign and graphics systems with the CJV30 Series of unique integrated print and cut solutions – with 4 print widths available, providing even greater flexibility for end-users from retailers and copy shops to professional signmakers and print service providers.

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Product Description

  • 4 different print widths (60 / 100 / 130 / 160 cm)
  • High quality printing up to 1440 dpi
  • Maximum printing speed 17.5 m2/h
  • Automatic switching from printing to cutting
  • Continuous crop mark detection for accurate contour cutting
  • Simultaneous white and full colour printing
  • Continuous printing with the Uninterrupted Ink Supply System
  • RIP, cutting, and creation software included

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Features of CJV30 Series

High speed and high quality

Mimaki’s CJV30 series comes in 4 different print widths and is capable of printing up to 17.5 sqm/h (540 x 720 dpi, 4 colours). In standard mode CJV30 can print 11.9 sqm/h (540 x 1080 dpi, 4 colours). The symmetrical ink cartridge arrangement enables reliable and detailed high quality image generation even with bidirectional printing.

CJV30 can print up to 1440 dpi with three different dot sizes. With Mimaki’s unique white ink overlay feature, even more vivid images can be realised. More brilliant colour is made possible, especially when printing on transparent media.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS)

Mimaki-mapsWhen banding cannot be eliminated by feed correction, the MAPS function makes it less visible by dispersing pass boundaries. (NB: when using MAPS, the print speed depends on the selected mode) Nozzle Recovery Function In the event of a nozzle malfunction not being repairable by the use of the maintenance function, printing can continue by the use of another nozzle, without any loss of productivity or reduction in image quality.

Automatic switching from printing to cutting

The number of pinch rollers and their clamp pressures can be set from the RIP software and the pinch roller pressure is automatically changed to suit the thickness of the media. By raising the pinch rollers in the middle at the time of cutting, peeling-off media after cutting is eliminated.

This full automatic function enables unattended operation without manual intervention from the start of printing to the end of cutting. CJV30 automatically adjusts to ensure accurate media feed.

Advanced Cutting Functions

Accurate contour cutting
For accurate contour cutting of printed images, the continuous crop mark detection recognises registration marks that are printed on the media. Even with a laminated print, contour cutting is performed with great accuracy.

Mimaki’s Half-Cut function

This function creates a series of half and die cuts leaving a few minimal connection points preventing the image from falling out when printing stickers etc.

Two solvent inks available

SS21 solvent ink
SS21 fast drying solvent ink enables immediate cutting after printing and eliminates peeling when cut. Mimaki’s innovative SS21 white ink is available for printing on transparent and coloured substrates, such as window decoration.

ES3 eco-solvent ink
Virtually odourless and user-friendly ink that does not require any special ventilation. Available in white and silver ink for producing more vivid colours and creating stunning metallic effects.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS)

The unique Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) automatically switches to another cartridge when supply runs out, allowing overnight continuous operation. Ink cartridges can also be replaced during operation.

When one ink cartridge runs out of ink, the indicator will light up red, while the system switches automatically to the second cartridge of the same colour.

Easy-to-use Standard Software

Three different software packages are included as standard. From RIP to cutting, the software answers all professional requirements for multiple applications. In addition, easy to operate software for preparing the print and cut data is enclosed.


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