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  • Yello Safety Ruler

    Super safe measuring tape, made and designed in Europe with the highest degree of safety and practicality.

    Use Yello tools easy Link to join ruler and/or attach Cutter mouse for precision cuts. (1.4 Metre wide)

    • Anodised Aluminium
    • Extra high Safety Flange
    • Non-slip rubber coated base
    • One man operation
    • Use easylink to join your never ending ruler.
    • Use cutter mouse for precision cuts


    Felt Squeegee for selective pressure and to express pierced bubbles

  • Body Guard Knife

    Body guard is the perfect tool for slicing the release liner of self adhesive films for vehicle wraps, window frosted films, production and around the workshop. Steel knife with protective blade has a Teflon coating that slides in behind the film to slice the liner. A tool for every on site window frost or vehicle wrap.

  • Crystal cutting mat

    The Crystal Cutting Mat made in Germany. A Unique self healing material that prevents the development of annoying chunks and small particles which are typical of ordinary cutting mats. This is also see through which provides superb visibility of printed grids placed beneath the mat. It is also non reflective for reducing eye strain. Ideal for sign making applications

    1.5 Metre wide per metre

  • Sign trim set

    The ultimate de- burring set for composite aluminum panel. To be used for such material as composite panel, PVC foams, acrylic, steel and plastics. Specialty shapes swivel blades and ceramic blades guaranteed for to give you the perfect burr free finish.

  • Yellocase FULL EDITION

    The ultimate tool portfolio for graphics makers and installers. How often has your over enthusiastic workmate borrowed your favourite tool and never returned it. Own, honour and protect all your work tools with your own Yellotools case. Yellotools comes with 18 practical tools all designed for day to day applications. Alternatively talk to an Blue Print staff member about purchasing an empty case and designing your own custom fit out.

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