Window Graphics

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  • Clear Focus Auto View

    A One Way film approved for vehicles as it allows the correct amount of light in. The hole is larger so some print is lost with less print area.

    Hole Dimension: 2.0

    Width: 1370 x 50m


  • Clear Focus Promo Vue

    A One Way film used for commercial vehicles or windows for promtions but looking from the inside out you still have vision

    Hole Dimension: 1.6

    Width: 1370 x 50m


  • Clear on Clear Promo

    Promotional Laminate for Windows

    A clear calendared film that is an economic choice for promotional application.

    Width: 1400x50m


  • Curva Lam Ultra Clear

    An ultra clear and conformable laminate that allows no vision blockout when applied to Window vision but keeps the holes from filling with dirt and protects print

    Conformable Window Laminate

    Width: 1371 x 30.5m


  • Dusted Etch Film

    A film that has a grey appearance for window advertising or for going into bathrooms for shower glass or for privacy but not blocking full light.

    Width: 1220 x 50m   1525 x 50m


  • Electrostatic Cling Film

    A product when printed eco solvent you can face mount onto the inside of a window. Used in applications where no adhesive is a must suitable for all smooth surfaces such as white ware, TV, glass, POP

    Available in White and Clear

    Width: 1000 x 50m   1371 x 50m


  • Ultra Clear on Clear

    A Glass clear film that is solvent printable for POP application where you want a clear look with an image

    Solvent Printable Polyester

    Width: 1530 x 30m


  • Unitec Crystal Clear

    A new technology film that is silicone coated rather than an adhesive. This film will suction onto the window for glass clear appearance and crisp print. A corporate product through and through.

    Width: 1560 x 25m   1560 x 50m


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