Speciality Vinyls

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  • Luminescent Vinyl (Printable)

    Printable Luminescent Vinyl

    (8 Hours Duration)

    Indoor 10 years, outdoor 7 years durability it will hold an amount of light retention for up to 10 hours.

    Size: 1240 x 45m

  • Tamper Proof Polyester Security Film

    Tamper Proof Polyester Security Film

    (Bright Silver Void PET)

    A screen or UV printable polyester that once applied and then lifted off will leave the word Void on the substrate to show tampering.

    Size: 686mm x 1m

  • White Destructible Vinyl

    A Matt printable PVC that once stuck to a substrate then lifted off will fragment Into small pieces thus making it impossible to tamper with a closed area.

    Size: 700 x 1000mm

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