Foam Boards (Lt Weight)

A superb range of soft / lightweight PVC Foam Boards including the market leading KAPA range of Kapaplast (The PREMIUM Foam Board of all foam boards on the market), Kapamount (The best product available on the market for mounting of Digital Prints) & Kapatex (A textured foam board giving a canvas like appearance)

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  • Kapa Plast

    KAPA®plast is a premium print substrate KAPA®plast is a specialist! It passes the most exacting quality tests with flying colours even in its 2m width extra large-format. Its edges are clean-cut and smooth, the level of its dimensional stability and flatness is excellent – essential factors for optimal printing.

  • Kapa Mount

    This is a light weight foam board with aluminium reinforced liners giving it a very high resistance to warping – making it extremely suitable for large format graphics either mounted or direct printed.

  • Kapa Tex

    Kapatex is a lightweight foam board with high grade textured layers that gives the appearance of CANVAS. Kapatex can be processed with solvent based inks and glues as well as all common painting techniques as well as Digital and Screenprinting processes.

    It features excellent flatness and dimensional stability and is suitable for 3D structures via V-grooving.

  • Artfoam

    Artfoam is a lightweight graphic art board made with a high density polystyrene foam centre with a paper liner on each side.

    Because the characteristics of Flatness, durability, structural strength and moisture resistance the product has a wide variety of applications, these include Picture framing, photo mounting, printing, laminating or making POP displays to name a few.


  • Smart-X

    SMART-X® the distinctive and unique lightweight foam board for sophisticated applications in the field of visual communication.

    SMART-X® is a lightweight, all-plastic sheet material with surfaces of UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS) and a core of expanded polystyrene that is completely moisture-resistant. These characteristics make SMART-X® the world’s only lightweight foam board for external applications without any significant change in colour for a period of up to two years. Due to its refined surface structure and the large format production

    SMART-X®is also perfectly suited for direct digital printing.


  • Foam-X Print

    Is a lightweight foam board with a polyurethane core – manufactured in Germany specifically for the  Digital Print market.

    It features a BRIGHT WHITE cellulose clay coated paper face stock and white core – a superb print product.


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