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  • 3M Floor Laminate

    Advantages, thick, scuff resistant protection for graphics for floors, dimensionally stable, short term – 3 months.

    The film can be scrubbed cleaned and waxed during routine maintenance of the floor

    Width: 1371 x 45.7m


  • 3M Pavement Laminate (Textured Sidewalk)

    Scuff-resistant, slip-resistant, excellent resistance to wear from high foot traffic, exterior short term durability.

    This graphic system is warranted by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

    Width: 1220×45.7m


  • 3M 8508 Gloss Laminate

    An excellent option for those looking for an intermediate cast product at a calendared price, this overlaminate has a three-year expected performance life and provides the glossiest effect of any intermediate over laminate with less shrinkage than calendared products. It’s a great value.

    Adhesive: Solvent Adhesive

    Durability : 3 years

    Width: 1371mm x 45.7m

  • 3M 8509 Lustre Laminate

    Lustre Polymeric 75 micron

    Adhesive: Solvent Acrylic

    Durability : 5 years

    Width: 1371mm

  • 3M 8158 Gloss Laminate

    3M 8518 is a cast, 2mil thick overlaminate that provides a glossy “paint-like” finish optimized for the fast-growing vehicle wrap market. Its superior conformability characteristics ensure fast and easy application in deep channels and over complex curves. Up to 8 years durability.

    Adhesive: Solvent Adhesive

    Durability: 7 years

    Width: 1371 x 45.7m   1525 x 45.7m

  • 3M 8519 Lustre Laminate

    Lustre Cast 75 micron

    Adhesive: Solvent Acrylic

    Durability: 5 years

    Width: 1371 x 45m

  • 3M 8520 Matt Laminate

    3M 8520 over laminate is a 2mil cast, matte-finish version of over laminate 8519. It has the same conformability and durability characteristics and is ideal for use indoors or outdoors where a flat sheen or minimal glare is required. Durability up to 8 years.

    Adhesive: Solvent Adhesive

    Durability: 7 years

    Width: 1371 x 45.7m   1525 x 45.7m

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