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  • Royal Sovereign 1651LSH

    Built on the platform of the RSC-1650H gives the added feature of a heat assist top lamination roller. This unique feature helps activate the adhesive of pressure sensitive laminates for a smooth clear finish and shorter laminate cure times.  The added heat helps reduce the phenomenon know as “Silvering” when using some cold lamination films.

  • Royal Sovereign 1651 CLTW

    The compact design and features make the RSC-1651CLTWF laminator the ideal cold laminator for the Sign Shop. From lamination to mounting you can count on the RSC-1651CLTWF laminator to give you years of service and performance.

  • JetMounter™ JM63

    The JetMounter™ JM63 is a versatile wide-format roller laminator with roll to roll capability at a price you didn’t think was possible. The addition of the heated top roller allows it to be used with Heatset™ laminates and single-sided thermal adhesives in addition to pressure sensitive laminates and adhesives.

  • Aqueous Liquid Coaters/Laminators

    Drytac® roll to roll liquid coating systems protect and enhance printed graphics on non-porous textiles, wet strength papers, fine art canvas, vinyl of all types and other flexible substrates. AFC coaters are perfect for applications such as banners, bouncy castles, digital wall covering, fine art prints, decals, short and long term “warrantable” vehicle graphics and many other applications. Coating costs are from £0.25 per square meter, depending on application, coating and volume used.

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