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  • Digitrim 44 – Automatic Cutter

    Digitrim is a recent innovation introduced for digital print finishing. Its main feature is the is ability to sense cut marks placed between multiple digital images, printed or exposed simultaneously on single pages or rolls of digital media. Paper alignmente is automatically set by cutmarks. You only have to put curmarks around your images.

  • Digitrim 64 – Digital Print Cutter

    The Wide Rollcut WR64 has the ability to cut X axis providing the fastest finish of posters printed in rolls, (transport speed up to 18 meters per minute).

  • XLD 170 Digital Print Cutter

    The new XLD 170 is the most flexible of all FOTOBA cutters. Designed to work with both ROLLS and SHEETS, it is the perfect solution to trim all the flexible media output up to 1,7 mt/67in.

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